Let’s Talk Inktense

Derwent Inktense pencils are a water soluble pencil, that dry permanent. These pencils are an amazing creation, the ability to add the colour onto the paper in pencil form, touch it with water and create this lovely vibrant paint, and then when its dry being able to glaze over these colours without having to worry about making mud is truly a great thing! Note, the pencils must be completely dissolved by the water for them to dry permanent.

inktense pencils

As a cardmaker I love what I can pull of with these pencils, being able to create depth in the folds of clothing, adding backgrounds with different colours. I just really love being able to layer colours without having to worry about mud, just make sure to let them completely dry before adding a different colour.


This image is from Mo’s Digital Pencil – Angelina’s Balloons

The pencils allow you to be able to get a sharp point for adding the colour exactly where you want it on these small stamped images, also being able to lift the colour directly off the pencil to apply, I use both techniques as I have the full range in pencils but only the 24 range in the blocks. If I ever get my hands on the full range of the blocks I will use the pencils for colouring on the paper and the blocks for applying the colour by the brush.

I would not recommend these as your first dive into watercolour as you do not have the ability to lift colours, or move them around a bit after they are dry like you can with traditional watercolour. We will talk about those a little more another day.

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