Let’s Talk Schmincke Horadam Swatching and Review

Hey everyone! Sorry I haven’t been around I was crazy ill and am just no starting to feel normal again. On top of it all I dropped my mic that I use for voice overs and can not record any of those till I can pick up a new one.

What that means is I have finally filmed a swatching and light review of my 48 half pan set of Schmincke Watercolours. These are expensive paints they sell for $327 USD at Dick Blicks online store.

I researched and saved my pennies for almost two years in order to pick these up, stamps and things had to be purchased too so it took me a while, and when I had the money there were a few reasons why I picked these. Schmicke watercolours have been around since 1881 that is well over 100 years, and are still owned by the Schmicke and Horadam families. There are 110 colours in the professional series of paints, 69 of them are single pigment colours, they are all available as half pans, full pans, 5ml tubes, and 15ml tubes.

Schmincke is the only watercolour manufacturer that uses the same formula in their tubes and pans (most other companies extrude their paints for their pans), they pour their paint into the pan in small incraments, it takes 3-4 pours in order to fill the pan, allowing it to dry in between pours. This means it takes quite along time (3 to 5 months) in order to make a single pan of colour but the paint is consistent with the tubes all the time.

Schmicke swatches.jpg

I will have more light reviews coming up in the near future, I do have some Daniel Smith Colours and am slowly building that collection. For a person who is just doing cardmaking this is not a necessity to have by any means, but I do LOVE it and use it all the time.

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