3 thoughts on “Magical Unicorns

  1. Hi Jessie

    Thanks so much for the email and filming the card process. I am always amazed at your end product – simply great.

    Hoping you can help me out with something – I have listened, relistened and listened again to the name/type etc of the watercolour paper you use but you talk about quick at this point and I can’t quite understand what you are saying. Can you help me out? I have never bought watercolour paper and want to start using some so that I can do some backgrounds with my Sennelier watercolour paints. I normally paint the watercolour paint onto Express It Card Stock around my copic image – but the paper warps badly so I thought I would give this a go.

    I think you are saying – Watercolour hot press 140lb extra white ….???? ….. there are other words you use to describe the paper but I can’t make out what they are. Please help.

    Thanks again.



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