Hey everyone! I am here today, sharing with you a little card featuring the Sunny Kit!

I have been all into my coloured pencils lately and loving it!

Pencils used
skin – Dark Sepia, Van Dyke Brown, Bistre, Cinnamon, Light Flesh, Ivory (FC)
hair – Beige, Peach Beige, Beige Sienna, Light Walnut, Espresso (PC)
Orange – Light Cadmium Red, Dark Cadmium Orange, Cadmium Orange, Dark Chrome Yellow, Cadmium Yellow (FC)
Purple – Mauve, Manganese Violet, Crimson, Light Magenta (PC)
Sky – Blueish Turquoise, Phthalo Blue, Light Phthalo Blue (FC)
Green – Olive Green Yellowish, Permanent Green Olive, Earth Green Yellowish, May Green

This kit is so awesome!
Thanks for stopping by,

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