Altenew Wallpaper Art and Watercolors

Hey everyone! Today I am here with a soft card featuring Altenew Stamps and Watercolors!

I have had these paints in my collection for quite some time now. I have discovered that I have this issue where I am afraid that I will use them up, and then want them. But, I really need to get over it, and use this stuff. So this card was a step in the right direction, to using my stuff!

As for these paints, I really enjoyed using them. They rewet awesome, the mix well. They layer fantastic, which is how I do most of my painting. Saturation was great, color selection is gorgeous. All in all I really love these paints!

As for my card today, I have been doing one layer cards for such a long time now. This is such a step outside of my comfort zone. I really love how this one came together.

I do have a complete process video of this one for you all as well!

Altenew Wallpaper Art – (sss) (
Altenew Watercolors – (sss) (
Arches 140lbs Coldpress Watercolor paper – (sss)

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