Time to Fly

Hey all! Today I am here sharing a process video of a watercolour card using Power Poppy’s Time to Fly.

I love painting flowers, they are one of my favorite things, but the clock face in this image really spoke to me, so I had to paint it!

Building up colour through light layers is definitely the way I prefer to paint. I love starting out with light soft colours and building them up to get the depth of colour that I would like, as well as changing shades through glazing.

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Power Poppy Time to Fly – https://powerpoppy.com/products/time-to-fly Nickel Azo Yellow – http://shrsl.com/208as (Blicks)
Quinacridone Gold – http://shrsl.com/208b8 (Blicks)
Sap Green – http://shrsl.com/208bf (Blicks)
Perylene Green – http://shrsl.com/208au (Blicks)
Quinacridone Purple – http://shrsl.com/208bc (Blicks)
Hematite Violet Genuine – http://shrsl.com/208ae (Blicks)
Buff Titanium – http://shrsl.com/208a4 (Blicks)
Opera Pink – http://shrsl.com/24png (Blicks)
Phthalo blue turquoise – http://shrsl.com/24pni (Blicks)
Hematite Burnt Scarlet Genuine – http://shrsl.com/24pnc (Blicks)

5 thoughts on “Time to Fly

  1. I for one really enjoy the sped-up video. It allows me to watch the whole thing without losing time and my attention. I absolutely am awed by your talent both in water coloring and video making.

  2. Gorgeous work Jessie, I love this image so much. Just the other day I purchased it.
    Thank you so much for your video tutorial and have a great weekend.

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