Gina K Designs – Peaceful Christmas

Hey all! I am so excited for today’s post! I was asked to do some guest work for Gina K Designs! Of course I jumped at the chance. I love Gina as a person as well as her products!

Keeping with my typical style and brain of not following the theme of any stamp set. When I saw the Peaceful Christmas set and the row of trees in it, immediately I saw rainbow! Even before counting that there were 7 trees in the line, could it have been more perfect for a rainbow row of trees!

I started by stamping out the trees on watercolour paper with the Amalgam ink, in skeleton keys. I then pulled out my watercolours and started painting the trees in a ROYGIBV pattern of course!

Once the painting was completed I stamped a sentiment from the Majestic Peony set, because I have now strayed pretty far from a Christmas themed card! That was is I called this one complete!

Affiliate links used where possible, at no additional cost to you. I appreciate your support!
Gina K Peaceful Christmas – (Gina K)
Gina K Amalgam Ink Skeleton Keys – (Gina K)
Gina K Majestic Peony – (Gina K)
Gina K Amalgam Ink Obsidean – (Gina K)
Daniel Smith Hansa Yellow Light – (Blick)
Daniel Smith Quinacridone Coral – (Blick)
Daniel Smith Sap Green – (Blick)
Daniel Smith Phthalo Blue Turquoise – (Blick)
Daniel Smith Indanthrone Blue – (Blick)
Daniel Smith Carbazole Violet – (Blick)

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