It is now is pieces…


I apologize for the quality of the photos these were taken with my Iphone, in the not so great basement light.

This is what a Tim Holtz Vagabond looks like taken apart… why you might as… well it was busted anyway and I was out of warranty. So what else was there to do with it? And that question continues now what do I do with it?

Fair warning this is a photo heavy post.





Tighter shots of the first two photos.



Hey look its the other half taking it apart, in his old man slippers, lazy clothes, and messy hair. (Don’t tell him I posted this picture lol)


So once you spend what feels like an eternity locating all the hidden screws (well done sizzix) so that you do not have to break the case to get into the machine. This is what you find… this is the machine without all the pretty bits, the guts that make it work so to speak.



Then as you dig further into that, you find this magical piece. It is the real heart of the operation, the motor itself. It is also where my machine went all wrong… See the very top piece there… well it had metal shavings in it… bad bad bad.


(I left this image large so you can see the shavings easily.) this caused that motor to basically skip or shift slightly when the machine was working… which broke the magnet *this motor runs similar to a lawnmower motor* the magnet is a necessity.





And there you have it the reason why my vagabond died… guess I need some sort of a new small machine as my grandemark is to big to lug around. I am thinking of a Grand Calibur.

Here is a few last photos of all the pieces…








So what do I do with it now? I have no idea.

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9 thoughts on “It is now is pieces…

  1. In my opinion for such a expensive machine,,not designed very well,,Ranger back to the drawing board!..can your other half improve it with better parts???

  2. Wish I had seen this earlier today, better half just finished taking mine apart down to motor but did not take motor/gear part off. How do you do that?
    My motor is fine problem somewhere in gear part. Sorely they could make these easier to get into and repairable.

  3. So, if we start with the premise that hubby knows which part went where, he’s determined he cant do surgery on it? Parts just not available? Any chance of drilling a hole in the side and adding a hand crank? Like I need another hand crank machine. The thing is so darned cute though! What did you finally do with it? And what did you decide for replacement?

    Mine just gave its death whine yesterday. sigh.

    And to Josie. Though Tim’s top job is with Ranger. The vagabond is Sizzix’s design failure.

    • It is still in pieces. It’s useless once the magnet broke. I got a grand calibur for a replacement only because I have an accucut grandmark for my steel rule does

      • maybe too late for some of you but but I have some more information
        the overload issue is causing damage to the gear box connected to the motor
        I have found the manufacturer of the gear box and you can get a new one for about 40$
        reference : gear head ZD model 2GN 90K (ring size 55mm outside 50mm inside) at
        just mail at and you will be helped
        good luck

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